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What You See Is What You Print
Safari Extension

I’ve been annoyed by some sites that don’t print what appears on the screen, notably And it's not just Safari, other browsers as well.

This is due to the stylesheet link specifying the media attribute with just “screen” (and there is no corresponding “print” link), so the print rendering does not use the stylesheet:

<link href="http://.../style.css" media="screen" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

If you tweak the source to add “print” or just remove the media attribute, you’ll get the print version styled the same as the screen...




I have a Safari Extension to do it automagically, called WYSIWYP. (Download Here)

If you toggle the Enable WYSIWYP, you do need to refresh the page for it to take effect or not.

That is all. But be careful, there are some sites that specifically do have a media="print" stylesheet, in which case this could foul some things up! But for my purposes, it's good enough.